kids photoJ. Sara Klatchko
specialises in documenting the stories, cultures and situations of children/families across the world. Her work covers complex social issues, while incorporating the rich details of ordinary life. She works/partners with international development agencies, the media, advocacy organizations, universities and museums.

American-born, she has lived in Barcelona, England, Australia and Hong Kong, where she worked as an English teacher, translator, documentary filmmaker and photojournalist. Her specific theme-based stories of children are often produced in collaboration with various organizations/individuals across the world, including non-profit humanitarian groups, universities and museums. Her work has been exhibited in solo museum shows, and featured on NPR/PBS, and broadcast on the BBC World Service. She has spoken at various conferences about using photography to bring international content into the curriculum; developed professional development seminars for teachers, and workshops for young people/schools.

The Photographic Journey
has taken JSK to over 40 countries. From Nicaragua to Namibia, Australia to Argentina, her photographs show how children are defined by tradition and customs; affected by specific global concerns, and connected by shared universal needs: for protection, clean water, education, healthcare and the chance to be a child. The diversity of her work belize photoencompasses Saami children in Lapland, Aboriginal children in Australia, suburban youths in America, landmine victims in Cambodia, AIDS orphans in Uganda, refugees in Hong Kong.  The rance of disparity captured, from comfort to poverty, from scarcity to abundance, encourages viewers –  of all ages –  to think more deeply about the world inhabited by these children – and the kind of world they themselves inhabit.

alaska photo



World Curriculum
The photographs/stories help young people better understand the situations/cultures of children across the world, while tying into core curriculum subjects. A series of interactive digital educational materials were developed through a partnership with MAGPI/University of Penn.  The visual literacy method underpinning the educational materials help young people to read the photographs – connecting the cross-cultural with the cross-curricular.


Exhibition Curator
Development of Educational Materials

Professional Bio

Published in newspapers/magazines around the world, including The Observer (UK), The Independent (UK), TIME, Discover, GEO (German and French editions), Audubon, Worked as contract photo editor for TIME and Business Week (Hong Kong Bureaux).


Museum Exhibitions include Connecting Cultures: Kids Across the World – a solo show at Penn Museum and ‘ A Home of Our Own’ at the Michener Museum and Pennsylvania State Museum


Conference Speaker at the Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning (NYC) ‘Connecting the Cross-Cultural and Cross-Curriculur Through Photography’ and several other lectures about bringing international content in the classroom with photography.


Workshops/Educational Outreach: presented Photography/Literacy workshops and cross-cultural presentations to over 100 schools, including a two-week workshop with Yu’pil youths in Alaska.


Professional Development: Hands-on training for teachers (all grades/subjects) on visual literacy: how better observational, analytical and writing skills can infuse all curriculum subjects with international content. A three credit PA Act 48 course offered at the University of the Arts/Professional Institute for Educators


Galapagos Islands Project –
An interactive website allowed USA schools to “accompany” JSK while she did a story about the conflicts between conservation, the fishing community and tourism – through the eyes of two local boys. While JSK facilitated communication between schools in both countries, the American students produced their own stories – and made lasting connections with the Island schools.

Awards include Pennsylvania Council of the Arts (Visual Arts and LIterature) Leica Osckar Barnack Award finalist, Edna Andrade Award, Greater London Council Arts Award (Documentary Film)


Film, Television and Radio:
Various positions, including production/research/camera:
– ‘Go For It’, a series for/about children with disabilities (Channel 4/UK)
– ‘Bandung’, current affairs series produced by Tariq Ali, serving the West Indian and Asian communities. (Channel 4/UK)
– A childcare video with Penelope Leach, the British child-care psychologist/author.
– Promotional video about doctor working in the Himalayas (Britain/Nepal Medical Trust)
– Video about street children in Guatemala (the non-profit Childhope)
– Radio programme about children in Nicaragua (BBC World Service)