Mak’s Story

Step into a Story. Mak’s Story
A seven year-old tsunami orphan
from Thailand

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Azianne’s Story

Step into a Story – Azianne’s Story
A young Muslim girl from Malaysia
– who loves flying kites

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From Yunnan, China to Norway

Kids Across the World – and their mothers

Kids Across the World – and their mothers

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World Wildlife Day/Galapagos Kids

It’s World Wildife Day – and when I think of places where wildlife really defines the lives of children, the Galapagos Islands immediately spring to mind.

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Music reminds them who they are…

…. that’s what the Khmer music teacher told me in his soft weary voice.

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Refugees and immigrants

Maybe it’s because I heard that over a million Syrians have fled their country. Or maybe

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oil can truck uganda

Toy Story


It started with four or five toys I’d picked up in Africa. I would bring them to schools whenever I gave a presentation – just a few toys on a table. But these first toys weren’t ordinary: they were toys made by children. From discarded materials. Bottle caps. Telephone wire.

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Creating Empathy – in Rain Forest

Lately, my own personal photographic journey has been making unusual twists and turns. I’ve gone from being an avid reader of lighting and other technical aspects of photography to devouring anything to do with …..neurobiology. A big leap. Or not. When I started to teach photojournalism to kids, I saw that the fundamental visual elements […]

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